Mr Eagle 501 Leather 2022
-Mike Shreeve


Hello fellow Leather-men/women


Thanks for stopping by the Eagle 501!!!!

My name is Mike Shreeve and I am your current Mr Eagle 501. I moved to palms Springs May of 2021 and it was shortly after that where I found my new hear at Eagle 501! I got my start at our sister bar, The Barracks,  before coming here full time! My past professional life working in all leveled of Hospitality Management I was able to meet and develop amazing relationships with people both near and far. 


With these relationships I have been able to learn and grow as a person and help out many that were in need of a helping hand. I now want to my experiences and connections to help our community become more United and Powerful than ever before. 


Eagle 501 is part of a Leather/Levi Community that is more than willing to help out those that have fell on hardship as well as support charities and organizations that align with our view to create a better world. 


I am excited to create more memories and life experiences with the people that I already have as well as the ones that I will soon meet !


If you see me out in our community please come and say hello and introduce yourself!


Mike Shreeve 


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